Modern-day hustlers: How to chase your passion

Passion is typically spoken about as a ‘strong emotion’ or ‘ardent affection’. But, passion is less about how we feel and more about what we do. It’s the compelling force behind your decisions and actions. Passion is what gets you out of bed every day – on the good days and the bad. 

But, passion itself is not enough

A life lived with passion is a life worth living, but devotion to your passion becomes more difficult as the years go on. Simply being ‘passionate’ doesn’t cut it anymore because the pursuit of a passion will always take up a costly resource – time.

It takes time to conceive and develop a passion and if time is akin to money, then the relentless pursuit of passion is not cheap. With bills to pay, jobs to commit to and futures to consider, chasing a passion is a costly luxury. 

The pursuit of passion takes hustle and grit 

Exploring the curiosities of your heart and devoting your energy to a passion project or side hustle isn’t easy. There are days when I struggle to balance what I need to do what I want. There are moments when I daydream of a life with endless time to devote to my passion. Don’t we all.

With plenty of twenty-somethings investing in a side hustle or passion project, there is clearly a breed of modern day hustlers that are making it work. Some have transformed their craft into side hustles, whilst juggling day jobs and commitments that are beyond their means. It takes grit and courage – sleepless nights and uncertain days are to be expected. But it’s not impossible.

Meet our modern-day hustlers

I’m surrounded by people who fiercely live for their passion. Whether it’s music, acting, education or art – their passion is not left in a lull and their craft is constantly being perfected.

Group 1

Helen, James and Jono never cease to inspire me and I know their stories will inspire you too. See a glimpse of their hustle:

Part 1: Be courageous, be fierce
Helen K | 25 years | Theatre & film actress
Part 2: Don’t lose sight of your ‘why’
James Y | 26 years | Scholardome founder
 Part 3: Define your own success
Jono Jupiter | 26 years | Music producer & rapper

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