Sydney CBD cafes with wifi

Whether you’re a freelancer, a part-time creative or socialite that needs to frequent your feed over some coffee, a cafe with fast wifi and good coffee is hard to come by – especially if it’s after work hours.

Luckily, there are a handful of spots in Sydney that will share their wifi password and offer you great coffee! Here are some of the best cafes in Sydney with wifi. Hold this list close – it’ll be your best friend the next time you want to pick up your laptop and settle in a cosy cafe.

CBD cafes with wifi: Day

1. Kafeine, York St: Great for meeting with a client or colleague, not so great if you get stuck in the lunch time rush of workers picking up a delicious sandwich or cup of Campos.


2. MCA Cafe, George St: With killer views of Sydney’s gorgeous harbour, this is the place to read, write and get inspired on any sunny morning. The food menu is just as creative as its art, adapting to any specific exhibitions on at the time but it is a little pricier so eat beforehand and opt for a coffee & cake instead.

3. Upperroom Restocafe, Pitt St: With a studio vibe to it, Upperroom is spacious and comfy. Choose a wide table to spread out your work or a quiet corner to enjoy cheap breakfast and coffee.

4. Brewery Espresso Bar, Erskine St: Not a favourite for food or coffee but in a city where WIFI is hard to come by, its seat by the window is a great location to sit and write as you watch bankers buzz by.

CBD cafes with wifi: Night

1. Bluebird Espresso, George St: This corner spot is tight yet cosy and perfect for its central location, conveniently located next to Town Hall station. Bluebird’s coffee and cold drip doesn’t compromise on quality and with Pappa’s famous Nutella ricotta cheesecake, what’s not to love.

2. Tom n Toms, Bathurst St: Brightly lit and filled with uni students most nights, this Korean inspired cafe offers a range of teas and sweet bread for a late night working session.

3. Cafe Tiamo, Pitt St: Take a pit stop after work to get through your to- do list at this cute cafe in Sydney’s Korea Town.


Need to pick up your laptop outside of the CBD? See my list of Sydney cafes with wifi somewhere closer to you.

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