Myanmar’s New Parliament

Feb 1st 2016

Aung San Suu Kyi and her elected party officials commenced their first session of the year in Naypyidaw’s lower house adorned in bright orange tunics and celebratory smiles.

The Lady entered with poised grace through the parliament’s side entrance and despite the flurry of reporters, she did not say a word to commemorate the long awaited day.

After two and a half decades of political struggle, peaceful protest and house arrest, the first session of the lower house on Monday signalled a slow, but promising transition towards a democratic government.

The proceedings began with the appointment of the house’s speaker, MP Win Myint (NLD) and Ti Khun Myat as the deputy speaker (USDP).

Newly elected MPs from November’s watershed election, were sworn in to uphold the very same constitution that bars ASSK from the presidency.

The 225 elected NLD representatives will share the lower house with 110 officials appointed by the military, 30 elected USDP representatives, 12 Arakan National Party and 12 Shan Nationalities League for Democracy.

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Myanmar’s upper house will assemble on Wednesday 3rd. The NLD will command a 60% majority but 25% of seats are still retained by the military.

One of the first motions of the new parliament will be to decide a president to replace outgoing PM Thein Sein, who will step down at the end of March.

ASSK has asserted that she will be ‘above the president’ and with a comfortable majority, she will easily select a candidate from her trusted circle of confidantes.

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