Six Months Ago in Bangladesh

Breaking Naan bread and indulging in Butter Chicken, I realised it had already been six months.

Six months ago, I was walking the streets of Dhaka city. As I lived, breathed and wore the vibrant culture, I was convinced that six months later I would not be the same.

The intricacies of Bangladesh
The intricacies of Bangladesh

How could I readjust into the comfort, complacency and routine of a selfish life. I had seen and touched poverty and I would not allow myself to sink back into reality. The reality of $6 coffees, $40 jeans and $2 bottled water, would not consume my life any longer.

Yet six months later I was eating at an upperclass Indian restaurant, wearing my designer watch and throwing away money, buying another but-its-a-different-colour item.

As I reminisced and recounted the memory and growth since my trip, it saddened me that in six long yet short months, Dhaka is becoming a mere memory.

I need to keep the lessons, convictions and life changing experiences thriving in my life.

“Pass me some more Butter Chicken”, I ask, because in the mean time the Saffron and Turmeric give me a little taste of Bangladesh.

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